Welcome to Kleen-Aire

We are Kleen-Aire, a twelve-year old firm with excellent references, top-notch equipment, and a solid track record of successfully completing projects for our clients.

Kleen-Aire is one of Ulster County’s leading Indoor Air Quality firms, specializing in residential and small commercial properties. The firm handles all aspects of Indoor Air Quality, including duct cleaning and sanitizing, with a special emphasis on mold identification and abatement procedures. We are well-versed in mold, its causes, dangers and remediation, as well as other allergens that can lurk in ducts, HVAC systems, dryer vents, basements and attics. In addition, we constantly attend seminars and educational events to keep ourselves abreast of the latest advances in the battle to keep buildings healthy.

We at Kleen-Aire pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of Indoor Air Quality issues. Our firm has a certified indoor environmentalis on staff who holds a degree in Envionmental Control and Hazardous Waste Management. In addition, he recently underwent a week of Coursework, Training and Testing conducted by the Indoor Air Quality Association, to become one of only 13 Certified Indoor Environmentalists here in New York. Because of this solid background, we were chosen by the Ulster County Board of Realtors to lead their roundtable discussion on Indoor Air Quality and Disclosure at their Annual Agents Day Trade Show last spring.

Whether it’s duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, mold analysis or abatement, we at Kleen-Aire are committed to providing you with the best in Indoor Air Quality services.

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